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Unlike Facebook, we have 5 main sections to search:
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We appreciate suggestions and are always looking to improve.

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Horse Posts

Horse Posts = Horse Highlights Posted to the News Feed and Your Horses Timeline.

Once you have a horse profile created you can post highlights to your horses timeline AND they will link to your horses profile. Your horse post will appear on the Post Pages, Horse Highlights and Your Horses's Profile/Timeline.

Popular horse post tags are: Foal Arrival, Training Progress, Career Highlights, Memorable Moments


News Feed: Ads (Promos, Discounts, For Sale...), Events, News (Shout Outs, Pre Entry Deadline Reminders, Results...)

Posting to PH is similar to Facebook. Post Ads, Events, News, Horse Highlights and then make sure you hit your target audience by choosing for available pages, communities, groups and post types. We give visitors the option to scroll and view all posts OR save time and jump to the page they want.
Watch for new features including custom news feed and recommendations.

Tip: If you are looking for products and services you want to browse the PH Ads & Promo's UNLESS you are looking for items that are ONLY of interest to Barrel Racers.

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Communities & Groups

Groups are organized under a parent community.
We offer income opportunities to Group Admins. We do not allow 'competing groups' thus protecting our admins.

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We offer free basic accounts, business, business plus, hotPage Websites, hotGroup websites as well as custom hotSites.


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Post a coupon code, breeding discount, shout out, blog, event...
Create a Horse Post to post pictures and videos of your horse. Your horse post links to your horse profile, posts to his/her timeline and the PH News Feed.