Horses With A Purpose

If your horse has purpose we have a place for you in our network.

At Performance Horse Hotline the term, “Performance,” indicates purpose.

Performance Horse Hotline, the name inspires images of tightly wound creatures tracking their respective prey across the arena.

A barrel racer hunting its first barrel after leaving the darkness of the alleyway. A cutting horse trembling while nose to nose with an insolent cow. Dust spraying during the slide of a reining horse coming to a stop.

The first word, Performance implies action, accomplishment and/or achievement.

The Performance Horse Hotline Network includes all horses which have a purpose.

A pasture pony may perform the purpose of babysitting a more anxious friend. The barrel horse dancing energetically while waiting for its turn to compete is equal under the definition as the trail horse carrying a rider through the tall grass under a canopy of trees while following a path in a National Forest.

The quick turn back of a cow in the largest coliseum for big money is equivalent to the 30-year-old enduring the squeals of laughter from a small child aboard its weathered frame as it languishes at the end of a lead line while being incessantly encouraged by a parent determined to trot through the pattern at a local riding club playday.

Horses are therapeutic, simply being a companion and a friend is very purposeful.

Welcome to the Performance Horse Network, we welcome you to browse, shop and of course post about your Purposeful, Performance Horse.

Performance Horse Network

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