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Barrel Racing Incentive Programs

Barrel Racing Incentive Programs have made a huge impact on our industry and it can be mind boggling. We look forward providing you the facts in a mobile friendly, easy to understand format.

We will be adding more groups as we approve admin applications. To apply/suggest a group please email Jolene Jones.

Our website is a work in progress.

We thank you for visiting and appreciate your patience during our beta testing stage.


Jolene Jones, Lori Busch, Mindy Holloway, Kaytie Zuidema & Samantha Boone

Our mission is to provide visitors a quick and easy way to view barrel racing news, with a strong focus on Breeders Incentive Programs. Our unique 'horse timeline' feature allows you to quickly access the pedigree as well as pictures and videos of the horses we are reporting on.

Barrel Racing Hotline Jolene Jones

Barrel Racing Hotline

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