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Claudia Dineen 
Tioga, TX
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Disciplines: Ranch Versatility

Products/Services: Equine Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Freelance Writing, Social Med Mkt

Freelance writer passionate about the equine and pet industries.

Welcome to Runaway Writing

I am a freelance writer specializing in creating content for the equine and pet industries. I help businesses with their communications needs, specifically content creation, content marketing, copywriting, editing and proofreading.  I have created custom training and "how-to" solutions for a variety of clients, writing in multiple styles and tones for over 25 years. 

Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

Every business needs to communicate with staff, clients, the community, prospective clients, professional organizations and more. But not everyone has the time or staff to do what it takes.

You need to be visible, relevant and engaging to your audience.

Why Hire Me?

In a 2018 survey, the Content Marketing Institute found that over 80% of businesses are concerned with creating content that builds loyalty with existing clients or customers.
I am passionate about the people and businesses in the equine and pet space. I have known this my entire life! My goal is to HELP YOU build that loyalty, and increase your visibility, relevance and engagement. I have years of experience and professional writing credentials. 

Hiring additional full time staff to meet your communications and marketing goals in expensive and time consuming. Adding me, a freelancer, who understands your world IS THE RIGHT ANSWER! I offer a number of services that cover common tasks you could delegate to me for a reasonable rate.  
Freelance content writers like Runaway Writing are great listeners! We learn your business and needs and produce high quality solutions.
Though not an employee of your business, I am:
  • An expert at flushing out your needs and building out your vision
  • Incredibly interested in understanding your business, clients, and propective cleints
  • An excellent listener
  • A goldmine of fresh ideas, approaches and perspectives
  • A thorough researcher for content, facts, and SEO
  • Insanely preoccupied with quality

There are so many other things you could be doing right now, other than worrying about your social media presence, getting news out to clients, or preparing professional presentations. 

Your business needs you to be the expert that YOU are!   Every. Day.
Leave the social media posts, blog writing and newsletters to a freelance content writer! Your time is precious!

A little bit about me...

Your brand should shine through every piece of content that you create. A freelance content writer can help you do that! I have been completely horse and animal-crazy from birth. I married my horse veterinarian about 16 years ago. I definitely know my way around the barn, arena, clinic and feed store. I ride and show in Ranch Versatility. I have jumped fences and chased cans, and produced my fair share of larger barrel races. I am a member of AQHA and ApHC, and have raised a few cute babies.

I speak the language of associations and clubs, veterinarians, breeders, equine nutritionists and behaviorists, trainers, event get the picture!  I would love to meet you, learn about your business, and support your ongoing success! 

Schedule your free consultation today!