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Western Craftsmen: The Story of Dennis George, Section 1

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Image reprinted with permission of Fred Kobsted

The Story of Dennis George Section One
By Stephenie Tanguay

“The date on the handle of that tool says it was made a little before I was born,” Dennis George says during a tour of his saddle shop. Everything has its place. Each tool strategically located depending on its use. Dennis claims he cleaned the area in anticipation of his guests, however, in an interview with a regional journalist several years back, Dennis’s grandson, Colt, reported that grandma says it needs to stay clean.

As World War II raged in the year 1944, Dennis George took his first breaths in Douglas, Wyoming. Looking over the creek in Sinks Canyon, Dennis remembers his boyhood days, “My dad used to bring us fishing here. The bin would be stuffed full and overflowing when we headed home.”

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Section One

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