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Video Commercials and promotions by BHot Marketing. Reserve your 321 webcast commercial space for the Royal Crown Race now.

Thank you to everyone who has advertised with us in the past!

We look forward to serving you again and looking forward to many new opportunities in 2021.

We are now accepting reservations for the Feb 17-21 Bryan Texas.
More info on the Royal Crown Event HERE.

If you need a new video commercial or your commercial revised we can help with that as well.



  • Video Commercials
    • 15 sec $150
    • 30 sec $350
    • 45 sec $450
    • 60 sec $600

Video commercial ads roll rotate approx. every 75 riders.

  • Side banners are $150 and rotate every 30 seconds, which is approximately every 10 min of action.

Be sure to include the name of what your are advertising ie Stallion Name, Product, Business Services…

Please contact Jo if you have any questions or concerns.

E-mail Jo.

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