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Professional Trainer/Stallion/Breeding/Sales

Latricia Mundorf's hotPage Website
DM Performance Horses
- hotPage website with custom colors
Timeline for DM High Roller 

Professional Trainer/Horse Sales

Jolene Jone's hotPage website
- hotPage website w Custom Colors

Personal Horses/Training Progress

Brookly Bergquist's hotPage website
Brooklyn Bergquist
- hotPage website

Marketing Tips/How To

Showcase horses and their progress.

When, or if you are ready to sell. simply update the sale status to "For Sale".

1. Create an account Profile/About Page
2. Add a horse/horses with the details about your horse /horses. Horses Page
3. Start posting pictures and videos News Page & generated post to you horses timeline.

You have just created a hotPage website to showcase your horses in a neat organized timeline format which works great for personal and business use.

 Horse Highlights / Timeline Concept

Example: DM High Roller

1. Add Horse
once with all the pertinent info on your horse and then simply post pictures and videos of your horse and select the profile that you want joined with that post and your horse profile will appear with each and every post you make.
2. Create Horse Post (pics and videos of your horse are published to your horses timeline)

Editing Sale Status to 'For Sale' will list your horse for sale along with all the pictures and videos you have posted to the timeline.
Use Sale Status 'In Training' or n/a to simply showcase your horse with all the pictures and videos you have posted to the timeline.

When you Update the horse status in the horse profile, each & every one of your horse posts are updated because each and every horse post displays both the horse and the horses profile.

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