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Performance Horse Hotline ~ Research, Build/Manage, Showcase Horse Profiles and News

Barrel Racing Hotline ~ Barrel Racing Futurities, Barrel Racing Results/Stats


Blue Collar Breeders ~ Breeders Incentive Program with $150,000 Guaranteed Payout

Darling Performance Horses ~ Breeding, Sales, Guy On A Mission, Morning Traffic aka Martini

JJ Classic ~ Breeders Incentive Program, Futurity, 2019 $37,000 Added Min + Awards

NoPressureOnMe.com ~ Standing No Pressure On Me, Horses For Sale

RyannPedone.com ~ Barrel Racing Futurity Trainer, Breeding, Sales, LOOK for the Starsā­

Triple Crown 100 ~ Breeders Incentive Program Paying Bonus Money at Over 25 Events

Tuff Enuf Ranch ~ Barrel Racing Horses & Prospects, Training and Sales

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JJ Barrel Horse~ Barrel Horses & Prospects for Sale, Barrel Horse Training

Conrado Barrel Horses ~ Breeding, Sales, Training, Standing CFour A Darknight

Barrel Racing Reference Sires~ Managed by Teri Spence, Sevin Mile Farm

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