Our Mission

At Performance Horse Hotline it is our goal to promote the performance horse industry.

We strive to efficiently and effectively promote your performance horse business, no matter your discipline. We are guided by God’s kind love and we hope that through your experience with us, not only your business, but also your faith and hope will be strengthened.

 Watch us grow or GROW   with us!

Innovative, Advanced Marketing

We Provide Horse Owners Efficient, Effective Tools to Showcase and/or Market their horses via their 'hotPages*' or "hotSite**' as well as our 'Hot Network'.

Members can easily showcase horses and their progress.  

1. Create an account Home Page
2. Create a horse profile or horse profiles with the details about your horse /horses. Horses Page
3. Start posting pictures and videos News Page & generated post to you horses timeline.

You have just created a hotPage website to showcase your horses in a neat organized timeline format which works great for personal and business use.

If when you horse is ready to be offered for sale, simply update your horses ‘Sale Status’ to For Sale and your timeline serves as the perfect ad showing credentials, pictures and videos that you have already posted.

View more details on our hotPage and hotSites HERE.

New Concept ~ Effecient, Futuristic Thinking

1) Horse Profile with profile details, training status and sale status

2) Horse Posts - Videos and Pictures of the horses profile.
These posts are published to the network news feed, your hotPage or hotSite news feed AND your horse or horses timeline.
Build and Showcase as you go.

Horse Profile Status ~ Update the horse sale status and/or training status in the horse profile with no need to update any of your posts because they link to the profile.

Here is an example. Barts Blue Jeans Timeline

You can tag multiple horses to show a recap of an event. Example R Barrel Horses at the 2018 WPRA World Finals

Navigating and Updating

Whenever you are logged in your name or business name appear in the upper left corner and links to your hotPage site.

You can update your horse profiles and posts from any site on the network by clicking on the edit button. If you are not already logged in you will be prompted to log in.

Build your hotpage website and showcase your horses today!

We are here to help. Contact Jolene Jones for a website consultation, advertising options or to set you up with a data entry professional. (940) 577-7919 jo@performancehorsehotline.com

Research, Follow, Shop

Horse enthusiasts can quickly locate horses, review timeliness of achievements, photos, videos as well as use quick links to offspring and siblings.

Our Pedigree Search / Offspring Records /  Magic Cross section is a work in progress and we are excited to announce advanced features that are in the works.

Design & Development

Design and development by Jolene Jones.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve the equine industry and hope you find this site a great resource.

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 We understand lost time is the one thing you cannot replace. We offer effecient, effective marketing tools for anyone that wants to use them.

 We provide premium visibility and tech support for our VIP members as well as data entry services.

 We are passionate about our performance horse community!.

 Exciting opportunities are available for marketing professionals including graphic design social media marketing and data entry.

We also offer graphic design and print services.

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