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Ruby Buckle Regional Futurity Memphis, Limited to Ruby Buckle and Pink Buckle Offspring

Barrel Race

For All Ruby Buckle Regional Races

$500 Futurity fees

$500 Open 4D fees

*Pink Buckle eligible horses must enter Ruby Buckle 4D to be eligible to enter the Pink Buckle 4D Side-pot

*no extra fees for Youth Incentive (must enter the Open 4D and be no older than 14 at the time of the race) 

*for Side-pot races see entry form for fees


Late entries and nominations will be accepted up until race check in.

Late Entry Fees are: $1000 Open 4D, $1000 Futurity + Nomination Fee $200 cash due onsite.

NOMINATION REMINDER: All horses must be nominated prior to entering the Ruby Buckle Regional Races:

Until 8/1/20 $200 Nomination Fee

8/2/20 Dec 1 $300 Nomination Fee

Contact: Jolene
Posted: Jan 16, 2021
Updated:  Jan 21, 2021
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