This Is Howie Roll

aka Gracie
2014 Grey Mare by Judge Cash
This Is Howie Roll
Judge Cash Dash for Cash Rocket Wrangler x
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Mary Mito Mito Paint x
Shelly Leo Bar
High Tide Ocean Runaway First Down Dash x
Runaway Wave
Casual Slip Knot Strawfly Special x
Casual Eyes

Currently getting started in breakaway roping.  Price is firm and subject to change as she progresses in barrels, poles and roping.
Sale Status/Breeder/Trainer/LTE
For Sale 25000
[email protected]
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This Is Howie Roll

profile updated:  Jun 23, 2022

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    Gracie at NRS, just working on smooth.
    Gracie at NRS,  just working on smooth.

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    If you have a little time and patience this rocket could be your next rock star.

  • Post Type: Progress
    Gracie just riding around

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