Perks Fame Aint Easy

2014 Sorrel 

For Sale
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Jolene Jones
Pilot Point, TX
  • Perks Fame Aint Easy

Perks Fame Aint Easy

Perks Fame Aint Easy  2014 Sorrel 

Famous Bugs DASH TA FAME First Down Dash x
Sudden Fame
Perk Up Anngee Dash For Perks Dash For Cash x
Alices Lady Bug Raffle Bug x
Alice’s Lady Bird
Sale Status: $ For Sale

Owner info:
Agent: Jolene Jones

Pilot Point  TX 76258
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This mare is for sale, not on sale.  Owner is a trainer in MN  and is looking to buy property so she is doing what most trainers do to come up with money...  Sell the best horse in the barn.

She is here in TX to prove she can run with best.

Check out her PH Timeline.   The pic of KB results and video on January 18 is my second run ever on her (placing 3rd in the 1D at KB Arena, Aubrey TX).  She has clocked in the 1D every clean run we have made.  (We tipped a few that were also in the 1D)  Pictures of results for verification on her timeline.

Special considerations to performance horse home with cash in hand.

Make Offer Now while we are still establishing stats here in TX.

This mare has NOT been hauled alot and in my opinion has not reached her full potential.

Proven consistent 1D in MN and WI and now running 1D in TX. 
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 We are working on an extended pedigree with deeper generations, auto generated speed index, and additional info.