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hotPage Our hotPage website builder allows you to quickly and easily showcase and/or organize their horses, horse pictures, videos and/or accomplishments.

Designed and developed by horse professionals for anyone who has an interest in horses, horse products and/or horse services

Use as a stand alone website, as a complimentary marketing tool for your existing website or contact us about an custom hotSite.

Your home page is created when you create an account, horse page is populated as you add horse profiles, horses posts are pictures, videos which you post and select a horse or horses to tag. These post to your 'Horse Posts' page as well as to 'tagged' horses timeliness.

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We Provide Horse Owners Efficient, Effective Tools to Showcase and/or Market their horses via their 'hotPages*' or "hotSite**' as well as our 'Hot Network'.

Members can easily showcase horses and their progress.  

1. Create an account Home Page
2. Create a horse profile or horse profiles with the details about your horse /horses. Horses Page
3. Start posting pictures and videos News Page & generated post to you horses timeline.

You have just created a hotPage website to showcase your horses in a neat organized timeline format which works great for personal and business use.

If when you horse is ready to be offered for sale, simply update your horses ‘Sale Status’ to For Sale and your timeline serves as the perfect ad showing credentials, pictures and videos that you have already posted.

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Personal Horses/Training Progress

  1. Brooklyn Bergquist - hotPage with training progress and success videos and pictures~

Stallion Incentive Websites

  1. - Barrel Racing Stallion Incentive Program ~ hotSite
  2. - Barrel Racing Stallion Incentive Program and Annual Event
  3. - Barrel Racing Stallion Incentive Program with Foal Nominations and Listings

Horses For Sale & Training and/or breeding program.

  1. - Domain name forwards to free hotPage website
    1. Horse Profile from start to sale to new success with new owners
  2. Pete Oen ~ Training, progress, accomplishments. Free hotPage website
    1. Guys Dashing Jet - Horse Profile w/ timeline
  3. - Showcases Bred, Raised and Trained Horses with ***
    1. Feel The Sting - Horse Profile w/ Timeline
  4. - Network features on the home page include featured video, most recent news and featured horses.

YOU our hot members are the most important part of our network. We appreciate you and are committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to effectively and efficiently communicate with your audience.

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