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hotSite client Ryann Pedone win the Futurity Sidepot at the RBR, Myristol PCA Results on page 34 of this issue of the Barrel Racing Report, if you missed the Fast Five Video you will want to check it out.

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 Barrel Racing Report May 28, 2019

Crawfish Craze, pg. 20

Go For Broke, pg. 25

Barrel Bash, pg. 26

Our hotSite client Ryann Pedone, R Barrel Horses  and VQ Im Buzzed win the RBR and Futurity Sidepot ~ 5/24-5-26 Results on page 31

Shout out to our graphic design client Parker County Arena and Fast Five Video Sponsor Myristol - 5/19 Results  

Watch theMyristol  Fast Five Video HERE

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Posted: Jun 06, 2019
Updated:  Jun 06, 2019
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