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PH hotSite client Michelle Hoffman Darling qualifies for the WCRA Title Town Stampede. See the results on pg 39 of this Barrel Racing Report. - *Updated 6/1 with win video!

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Barrel Racing Report May 21, 2019 Volume 13: Issue 21

At press time Michelle and Martina had qualified for the WCRA Title Town Stampede - see the results of the qualifying pools on page 39

6/1 updated with this win video.

View Michelle Darling and Morning Traffi on their hotSite website

In This Issue

:• OFD Derby, pg 10

• D&D, pg 27

• WCRA Semi-Finals, pg 35

• Barrel Bash, pg 40

• SW Desert Classic, pg 41

• Cloverdale Rodeo, pg 43

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Posted: Jun 01, 2019
Updated:  Jun 01, 2019
Posted/Updated by: Jo
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