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Our members shine at Guymon PRCA Rodeo. 5/7/19 Barrel Racing Report

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Barrel Racing Report  May 7, 2019

Kylie Weast & Hell On The Red Win Second Straight Guymon Pioneer Days

Kyle and Hell On The Red are no strangers to the winner circle.  Hell on The Red is sired by Triple Crown 100 Stallion JL Dash Ta Heaven is out of Designer Ruby (On The Money Red)

View more offspring by JL Dash Ta Heaven HERE

Our 'hot member' Ryann Pedone and Dash Ta Jones (featured in video) placed 2nd in the second round and 5th in the average at Guymon.

Did you know?

    Triple Crown 100 is a member of the Performance Horse Network therefore all Triple Crown 100 horses receive a free courtesy listing on


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• Idaho Barrel Futurity, pg 41

• Bar B Ranch Absolute Disperal, p 45

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Posted: May 10, 2019
Updated:  May 10, 2019
Posted/Updated by: Jo
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