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We have been looking at and researching barrel racing stats and with Papagaio near the top of the list I got distracted and searched Bill Kennedy and look where Triple Crown ranked in the search results! One more reason to join the TC100 family.


We are happy to see our clients in the top rankings whether it be search engine rankings or performance stats!  

Thank you to to each and everyone of our clients!  We appreciate the opportunity to work for you!

We look forward to announcing more details soon Barrel Racing Stats Service.  Our Team is dedicated to delivering you  research tools that help you make important decisions regarding your horse purchases, entry fee $, incentives and other memberships.

  Background:  Jolene has over 20 years of website design and development experience as well as years of dedication to the industry.  A few of examples include:

    Founder/Creater of the United Barrel Racing Association

    Founder/Creator of The Northern Region Futurity Tour

    Founder/Creator of

The Performance Horse Network has proved to be the most challenging undertaking to to date and I am very thankful for our team whom without them this dream would not be possible.

Our Mission

At Performance Horse Hotline it is our goal to promote the performance horse industry.

We strive to efficiently and effectively promote your performance horse business, no matter your discipline. We are guided by God’s kind love and we hope that through your experience with us, not only your business, but also your faith and hope will be strengthened.

 Watch us grow or GROW   with us!

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Posted: Apr 26, 2019
Updated:  Apr 26, 2019
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