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Video Playlist ::  Apr 2019

2019 Abilene D & D Kim Landry Benefit Fast Five Playlist brought to you by Guys Easy Jet

Video Playlist

This Weeks Fast Five brought to you by Guys Easy Jet

Fastest Five Runs @ Abilene D & D Kim Landry Benefit
1. 15.149 Dena Kirkpatrick on Gracies Lane Race 3 1st $876.00
2. 15.152 Mark Bugni on All About XS N OS Race 2 1st $1095.11 and Futurity 1st Go 1st
3. 15.172 Jordon Driver on TK Judges Easy Money Race 2 2nd $922.20
4. 15.187 Judi Reed on South Western Sixpack Race 1 1st $516.38
5. 15.213 Kenna Kaminski on Kings Gold Girl Race 3 2nd $788.40

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Contact: News
Posted: Apr 18, 2019
Updated:  Apr 18, 2019
Posted/Updated by: Jo
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