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Video Playlist :: Diamonds and Dirt Apr 2019

2019 Diamonds and Dirt Fast Five

Diamonds and Dirt Fast Five and Top 5 Places in the Open

15.035 A DASH OF CHAMPAGNE Loni Kay Lester, Sweepstakes 1st Place

15.049 SHOW MANCE Tiany Schuster, Open 2nd Place

15.087 HIGH COTTON LANE, Paige Jones, Derby Round 1 1st place

15.122 IMA FAMOUS BABE, Brittany Tonozzi, Derby Round 2, 1st Place

15.147 JJJ BONNIE RAE, Patton Ann Lynche, Thursday Open

Sweepstakes and Derby Runs carried over to place in the open therefore these are the top 5 placing in the Open Race.

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Posted: Apr 07, 2019
Updated:  Apr 07, 2019
Posted/Updated by: Jo
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