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Zesterra Protocol for Broodmares and Foals and video regarding foals and ulcers
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Zesterra Protocol for Broodmares and Foals and video regarding foals and ulcers


Zesterra Protocol for Broodmares and Foals

Tubs or loose mineral out for mares for the duration of their pregnancy and after foaling.

Prior to foaling if you handle the mares (such as bringing in to the foaling pens or barn) administer 10 ml

Post Foaling within 12 hours mare will need to be de-wormed and administer 20ml Zesterra.

If baby is doing well with no sign of sickness I will continue to dose the mare for a couple days post foaling.

At about day 6 I begin administering 10ml to mare and 2ml for the foal to get mare and foal through foal heat diarrhea.

The big thing to remember is each time the mare and baby are handled (brought in for breeding, AI or transported to the vet) she will need a 10ml dose.

Using Zesterra this way will also increase your chances of mare breeding back as she will not be acidic and her cortisol(Stress hormone) will be kept down allowing her to ovulate and her eggs to be fertilized as planned.

****Disease Outbreak****

With all of the spring time crud and the outbreak of EHV please encourage your clients to be vigilant about dosing with Zesterra a minimum of every other day and especially daily during hauling and showing. A horse with a healthy (non-acidic) stomach is more likely to stay healthy, as 70% of the immune system has to do with the stomach.

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Posted: Mar 25, 2019
Updated:  Mar 25, 2019
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