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Sponsor Shout Out ::  Mar 2019

Weekly VIP Spotlight and 3/19/19 Barrel Racing Report featuring Tammy Kidds Invitational Barrel Race Champion Feel The Sting and VIP Stallion CFour A Darknight

Sponsor Shout Out

Check out the video of Ryann Pedone and Feel The Sting winning the short go of the Tammy Kidd Invitational Barrel Race on his PHH Timeline.

Pedone and Feel The Sting Top Tammy Kidd Invitational by the Barrel Racing Report.

CFour A Darkknight our featured VIP Stallion ad is on page 27   View pictures/videos of Conrado Barrel Horses HERE

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Posted: Mar 20, 2019
Updated:  Mar 20, 2019
Posted/Updated by: Jo
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