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The “lion cubs” had a busy week!!!!!
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Other ::  7 2018

The “lion cubs” had a busy week!!!!!

3 in the short round at Reno!! Jr Dees and WhoaNellieImFamous “Beamer” came out of Reno Rodeo with $4300 in the heading! Lions Famous Kitty was on fire this week!! Cole Edge and Tanner Brunner rode “Miss Kitty” to $11,600 in earnings from Reno, Pleasant Grove and Tanner was the winner at Santa Fe and Pleasant Grove!! We are very excited about the newest “lion cub” to the team the big boy “Slick”!! He has taken to the hazing like a fish to water !! He has been a blessing❤️🦄

Kristen Zancanella and I’m Kinda Famous “Little Bug” made her maiden voyage at a Pro Rodeo at Clear Lake SD winning a check and running with a tough bunch!! She came back at Buffalo Mn that night and was just out of a check!! 
Video attached is the Clear Lake run!!🦁🦁🦁

Contact: Bryel
Posted: Jul 06, 2018
Updated:  Jul 06, 2018
Posted/Updated by: Trinity Beauvais

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