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Event Run ::   2018

Busy week for the "Cubs"

Lions Famous Kitty “Miss Kitty”and her riders racked up almost $10K in winnings with the highlight being Tanner Bruner winning Belle Fourche SD !! Sean Mulligan and Famous Hot Chick “Holly” won Livingston MT and placed at one more bringing their total to over $6000!! JR Dees and WhoaNellieImFamous “Beamer” had a good week finishing with almost $8000 in earnings!! Kristen Zancanella and Sheza Lioness "Liza Jane" snuck in for a check at Killdeer ND :) Got report this morning that Miss Kitty was catching a morning nap and as soon as she wakes up they are headed to Calgary!!!! She will have Chason Floyd, Cole Edge and Jon Ragatz aboard! Holly will be with Tanner and Cameron for the next couple weeks in the states !! Video is of Sean and Holly tying the arena record at Livingston with the big horse "Slick" on the hazing side. Video courtesy of Carissa Pearson

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Contact: Bryel
Posted: Jul 06, 2018
Updated:  Jul 06, 2018
Posted/Updated by: Trinity Beauvais
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