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Our unique timeline feature at allows users to quickly and easily post videos and pictures to their horses timelines. This is also a service we offer. Check out the links to some of this outstanding horses...

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We don't have all the videos from the Patriot however we do have at least one video on each of these horses.
If your horse is listed below and you would like your video added to your timeline just share this post and comment your horses name and tag Jolene Wester Jones, msg me the video and I will get it added for you.

If your name is not listed below and you would like to learn more about our services please email [email protected]


Paige Jones - High Cotton Lane

Cayla Small - Slick N Black

Jane Melby RC PYC Back In Bay

Patton Ann Lynch - Firin To Be A Here / Timeline for JJ Bonnie Rae

Kassie Mowry - He Will Be Epic

Sherri Barnes - Racing For Perks and also Timeline for Famous Lil Jet

Ryann Pedone - VQ Im Buzzed - 15 Videos posted to the PH  Network and, Waiting on Patriot Video

Joy Wargo - Cashin On The Bayou / Timeline for Joy &  Smokin Koa Lena

2D -

Jamey O'Dell - Ely Special Martha  ~ Check out her horses for sale HERE

Kay Blandford - KB Epic Angel / Timeline for KB Angel Ta Fame

Check out the Fastest Five Runs from the 2019 Patriot HERE.


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