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    Hailey Kinsel and DH Jess Stellar 13.623 for 2nd in the American Rodeo Contender Round and Advancing to the Texas Stadium to compete for 1.2 Million

    Owner: Hodges Farms
    Comments: I rode DH Jess Stellar aka “Jules” last night in The American Rodeo Contender Round to a 2nd place finish and a chance at Sunday and AT&T Stadium!

    Jules is owned by Hodges Farms. She is very special to them as Damon and Donna Hodges bred and raised her, and she is named after their daughter, Julie.

    She’s been with me for a couple of years now, and last year during The American when i planned to ride Sister resulting in our third win there, i had called Donna before and said Jules deserves a chance to run at this kind of event too, so we called up her trainer and former rider, Janna Brown, who took her through the semi finals and qualified her for The American last year!

    It was exciting and fun to have both yellow mares run there.

    Early last summer, we became aware of an old injury she had that was presenting issues with increased hauling and rodeo runs. The Hodges and I decided to give her significant time off and some treatment, although she could have continued on, to give her a chance to be her best self as long as possible. Those are the kind of people I want to work with — they have faith in God’s complete plan, they put the horse first, far above winning.

    We are so thankful for Dr. Charlie Buchanan Signature Equine Hospital / Former BVEH Stephenville for finding the issue, Dr. David Dutton for his consultations, and Dr. Cameron Stoudt for treating and taking wonderful care of Jules.

    She has returned to the competition arena in the last few months with so much tenacity, and we are having fun.

    Thank you so much to Sister for earning our spot in the Contender Round as an invite, and to Jules for getting us back to AT&T Stadium. Our team can’t wait for Championship Sunday!!!

    ~ Hailey Kinsel 3/4/22



    EASY GUYS, Holland Ease
    Oceane Veilleux and Heavens Guy (by JL Dash Ta Heaven) 13.675 for 3rd in the American Rodeo Contender Round and Advancing to the Texas Stadium to compete for 1.2 Million

    Owner: Julien Veilleux
    Comments: Heavens Guy was trained by Caroline Boucher

    So happy of this team 🍦💛 🦄 they are perfect example of keep your dream alive! When we train horses we never know what we have and how they will become, Ice Cream always loved all the attention he could have, im sure he is happy now!! Océane Veilleux you are such a talented cowgirl, always opened mind to learn something new, you are dedicated to follow a training plan and that moment you deserves so much, you overcome challenges that life put you recently, keeping a positive mental and turned the situation into an apportunity to grow ♥️ marie, Julien Veilleux and Louis Jo yall are deserving as well this beautiful moment because all this coming from a team work and happy as well to be part of that team 🤠🙌🏻
    Caroline Boucher 3/4/22


  • Reb Hot Redbull

    Reb Hot Fame x
    Little Rock Misty, Spires Rock
    Laura Mote and Reb Hot Redbull 13.680 for 4th In The American Contender Round and Advance to the Texas Stadium to compete for 1.2 Million

    Owner: Bobby and Kate Mote
    Comments: Fun Facts:  Laura Mote and 9-year-old gelding Reb Hot Redbull (Reb Hot Fame x Little Rock Misty x Spires Rock) smoked a 13.577 to win The American Semifinals Performance 1.

    American Semis 1st Perf Barrel Racing Results:
    1. Laura Mote, Reb Hot Redbull, 13.577
    2. Kassie Mowry, Epic Guy, 13.595
    3. Sarah Rose Waguespack, Roses Roan Ranger, 13.660
    4. Charlie Johnson, Phoenixonthecimarron, 13.779
    5. Tasha Welsh, Seis Smashin Fame, 13.792
    6. London Gorham, Cashin Chicks, 13.826
    7. Cayla Small, Slick N Black, 13.918
    8. Lisa Thornton, Straight Toasted, 13.930
    9. Elizabeth Broussard Schmid, Bogies French Trick, 18.583*
    10. Troy Crumrine, SR Industry Titan, 18.620*
    11. Kylie Weast, Hell On The Red, 18.800*
    12. Taylor Hanson, French Kiss To Vegas, 18.868*
    Reb Hot Redbull

  • Seis Smashin Fame

    Tres Seis x
    Smashin Ta Fame, Dash Ta Fame
    Tashia Welsh and Seis Smashin Fame turn in a 13.690 for 5th place in The American Contender Round and Advance to the Texas Stadium to compete for 1.2 Million

    Owner: Tasha and Brian Welsh
    Comments: I want to thank my husband Brian Welsh for always being on board and supporting me no matter what!

    Katheleen Daigle for helping both Thor and I.
    Jb Coxx my shoer, Molly Bellfuile for being the best vet, And Kandace Lumbardy and Maddie Wolff for helping with the horses and twin girls!

    ~ Tasha Welsh 3/5/22
    Seis Smashin Fame

  • Miss Smart Dash

    A Dash Ta Streak x
    Miss Smart Lynx, Peptosmart
    Miss Smart Dash and Amanda Welch placing 6th in The American Rodeo Contendor Round with a 13.716

    Comments: The Story Behind the Glory with Cayla Fielder Cory

    August 31, 2021 Josh Andrews posted a cute little roan mare on fb with the description of “catty, small, & spicy” so I instantly knew I needed to ask about her 😂.

    After a short back and forth he just firmly told me to stop asking questions and just buy her. So the next day I met him Dallas and picked her up. He wasn’t lying when he said small, she steps off the trailer and I realized I bought a big pony. Which is fine, everyone knows we ride smaller horses. He says to give her 30 days off or give her another job for a while. That’s exactly what we did and Ethan took her day working and ranched on her. First few days were a little sketchy, any time she would see an alley way in the cattle pens she would rear up, turn around and run the heck off with Ethan on her. So to say she was a little alley soured is a understatement (yes, Josh 100% disclosed that).

    After a month & half of just riding, cow work, clearing her mind, and not seeing the barrels at all I took her to a jackpot. She was a nervous wreck but had learned to trust us and she held it together and actually won 4th in the 1D. We continued to work on her confidence and she has bloomed into what she is now. She just needed time, patience & love.

    This mare has turned into a gritty little mare that will give us every thing she has! Amanda got some tough news on her horse a few weeks ago and asked about jumping on Scarlet for the building rodeos.

    We are just lucky to have Amanda jockey her and she has done phenomenal keeping Scarlet confident & loving her job! Win, lose or draw tomorrow- she’s overcame a lot to be there! They are the true definition of a underdog Cinderella Story!

    Miss Smart Dash

  • Jettin To Docs Bar

    Rosey Joe Doc x
    Jettin In Rosebuds, Rosebuds Boy Cody
    Devin Young and Jettin To Docs Bar

  • Famous Lil Jet

    Dash Ta Fame x
    Blazin Black Beauty, Blazin Jetolena
    Jordan Briggs

    Owner: Jordan and Justin Briggs

    Famous Lil Jet

  • Phoenixonthecimarron

    Popular Resortfigure x
    Special Dashing Lady, Bully Bullion
    Charlie Johnson and Phoenixonthecimarron

    Owner: Justin Moss


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